Warranty on Service and Parts:

All services have 30 days from completed date on items listed the in resolution section of the service call except virus/spyware removals. Recurrences of viruses and/or spyware are the fault of the client based on computer usage after service or the type of virus. infections can reproduce itself at anytime once internet access is used by the client. Any additional support needed to continue resolution and any issue will resume at 15 minute incremental billing on return visit or remote access or telephone assistance at the billable reate versus being charged a new 1 hour minimum. Exceptions are revising startup settings, turning system restore back on and adjusting internet security or anti-virus software after being changed by CORP Computers New parts have 1 year part replacement only. Used parts have 30 days parts replacement only. All part replacements under warranty will have a 30 minutes flat rate labor billed at time of replacement.

Software Responsibility:

The client is responsible for possessing all operating system and application software with any authenticity key codes for any reinstallations. If software is unavailable, the client may purchase a copy from CORP Computers At the current price plus any ordering and handling fees associated with that purchase.

Spyware and Virus Removal:

If this is a spyware or virus related service request, will perform system scans using spyware and virus removal software to determine whether a reinstallation of the operating system is necessary to fully resolve the problem. These scans could take up to 4 hours to complete, depending upon the amount of files to be scanned. CORP Computers will attempt to get initial results within the first hour of service to determine whether a full windows reinstallation will be necessary to remove the infections.

Terms of Payment:

The client is to have cash, check, money order or credit card ready time of service. If the payment is not available prior to service starting, service will not be performed until payment is available. Failure to pay the remaining amount in full by the due date will result a late fee of $25.00 plus any additional collection and/or attorney fees. The client may pay the additional amount due at the time of completion of extended services to avoid a delayed payment or late fees. Checks shall be made payable to CORP COOMPUTERS. Any payments refused by the client’s financial institution will result in a $50.00 returned check fee and applied to the outstanding balance due.

Cancellation and No-Shows:

The client is to cancel any service request at least 2 hours prior to suggested service time window. If the technician arrives and the client is not available, 2 attempts to contact the client’s home and cell phones for 15 minutes after technician arrival will be made. If there is no return call by the client to arrange access to the equipment or nobody onsite at the client’s location will be deemed as a no-show. All no-shows and cancellations less than 2 hours prior to the suggested service time window will result in a $50.00 fee billed to the client.

Equipment Operation:

Prior to the technician leaving, he/she should check to ensure that the client can operate the equipment in a manner that is acceptable by being able to print, access the internet and access email If there is no printer or the client does not currently have internet access established with a provider, this requirement is not applicable.

Billable Rates and Minimums:

CORP Computers charges the following: CORP Computers for 1 hour minimum for onsite requests; $40 for 30 minute & $75.00 for 1 hour minimum for telephone and remote access support. All parts or software orders have a $5.00 flat fee for each location ordered from. Pickup and delivery of equipment has a $15.00 flat fee for each instance. Emergency requests are assessed and additional $99.99 per request per unit. Emergencies are classified as services provided during non-business hours and/or immediate service requesting a technician to be onsite within 4 business hours to resolve the problem reported. After minimums have been reached, billing on services is $75.00/hr in 15 minute increments.

Data Responsibility:

Any data on the computer needing service is the client’s responsibility and should be backed up onto other media prior to any services being performed. If the computer needing service has and spyware or viruses that have contributed to the problem(s) that the client has reported, the data and/or operating system may have become corrupt, deleted or inaccessible as a result. Thus, the client does not hold CORP Computers , its associates, technicians or affiliates responsible for any data loss, reinstallation of an operating system or reconfiguration of any personal user profile accounts needed to restore the affected system back to normal operation.